Military and Postmilitary Landscapes

Pozvánka na konferenci 

Dear colleagues,

The Historical Geography Research Centre has the honor of inviting you to join the Military and Postmilitary Landscapes conference that is held under the Central European Conference of Historical Geographers series. The conference takes place in the heart of Europe, the historical city of Prague, Czechia, on February 14–15, 2018.

The conference focuses on the historical and geographical contexts of causes, course, consequences and interpretations of diverse conflicts. Especially, it aspires on rich discussion of the changes within places, regions and landscapes caused by the broadly understood processes of militarization and demilitarization, in different temporal, spatial and societal contexts.

At this moment, you can register for the conference and submit paper as well as complete session proposals. The deadline for the submission is November 16, 2017.

The registration form together with all important information can be found in the attached 1st circular or on the conference website (

Should you need further information, please contact Michal Semian (

Please share this circular at your will.

We look forward to meeting you in Prague

With my best regards

On behalf of the LOC

Michal Semian

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